History of society of St. Ursula

The Society of St. Ursula traces its origins to the dream of a young French woman named Anne de Xainctonge who was born in 1567 in Dijon, France. Her father Jean was a French Parliamentarian. Despite the fact that she was not the son he had hoped for, he gave her the education that boys of aristocratic families of that time would normally receive.


The History and The Birth of St. Ursula Dhabhan

Our Foundress Mother Anne said:“we will not carry big torches, which will throw light far and wide; but we will carry little lamps which will throw some light on the path of women and girls”. 


The all round development of the pupil. It not only imparts instructions, but emphasizes corporate activities, in character building, making each pupil mentally alert, physically well-fit emotionally well balanced and intellectually alive. Last but not the least; it aims at inculcating healthy brotherly- sisterly, feeling

School Aims

Mission Statement

 Founded in the Ursuline tradition and rooted in the Catholic faith, St. Ursula School educates each child, transforming her / him through intellectual inquiry, personal growth, spiritual formation, and compassionate service, empowering her/ him to lead confidently in a global society.

St. Ursula students are smart, strong, and humane. At St. Ursula it’s not just equal opportunity – it’s EVERY opportunity! Our students are first and foremost. We understand how each child learns and succeeds.

The Ursulines Core Values


Here at St. Ursula the following values inspire our school community to live in the spirit of the foundress of the Ursuline Sisters, Mother Anne De Xainctonge, and the life of Jesus as found in the Gospels.

  • Ursuline Spirituality to be a Light
  • Academic Excellence
  • Community living
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Care of the Individual
  • Openness to Change
  • Development of the Whole Person
  • Love and Care for the Environment

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